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Arc Artisans is a collaboration of VSA of Indiana art group and program participants of The Arc of Greater Boone County.

For thirty years, VSA of Indiana (VSAI) has led the movement to make the arts accessible to people with disabilities. VSAI offers a variety of opportunities for people with disabilities of all ages to engage the power of the arts as a means of education, creative self-expression and personal/professional growth. As a result, VSAI promotes change in public perceptions and reaises public awareness by emphasizing the abilities and accomplishments of people with disabilities while advocating for increased accessibility and equity in providing arts experiences for all individuals.

VSAI is the Indiana affiliate of VSA arts, an international educational program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Founded as Very Special Arts in 1974 by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, sister of JFK, VSA arts offers comprehensive programs in dance, music, drama, creative writing and visual arts for over 3.5 million people worldwide. The letters V S A stand for the Vision of an inclusive society, the Strength of shared resources and Access to artistic expression that unites us all.

Arc Artisans were on Fox59, See the Video Here!

Where to purchase Arc Artisan's work.